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I offer a unique and specific functional/integrative approach to help identify the causative factors behind your health issue and the very best way to resolve it. Think of me as your personal health detective, and that together we can overcome symptoms you may be experiencing.

Sadly,  many modern medical practices offer little time to help identify the causative factors behind your issues and simply look at masking the symptom with pharmaceuticals, rather than holistically looking at the issue at hand.

My detailed approach offers an in-depth investigation to the root causes of your health issues. Once this has been established, using a functional evaluation and diagnostic testing if necessary, I use a powerful combination of personalized dietary approaches, supplementation and supportive strategies in lifestyle, activity, stress and toxic avoidance management with the aim of resolving your health concerns. I truly believe that the better you understand the best ways of fueling your body, the better the success, so education is a large portion of our work together.

I specialize in the following conditions, but my training covers a wide range of isolated health issues and illnesses.

  • Pre-Conception, Pregnancy and Lactation
  • Autism Spectrum Conditions, ADHD & ADD
  • Autoimmune Disease

Consultation Services

Discovery Call

20 Minutes | FREE

On this phone call, my goal is to get to know you and your health concerns in order to best support you on your health journey. Then I will explain how I go about my practice to make a unique and completely individualized protocol for you.

Hopefully it’s a good fit for both of us and we can get started.

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Initial Consultation

1hr 30 | $250

I will go over your medical/family history, current medications, if any, detailed symptom information, a food journal and dietary analysis. If we are working together in person, I will also perform a full functional evaluation to gain as much information from your body as possible on where deficiencies are and where I need to support you first.

Following the consultation, I will write up a complex and unique protocol, providing you reasons behind your causative symptoms and a detailed approach to effectively managing these.

Included in the Initial Consultation:

  • ​Detailed & thorough health history
  • Discussion of primary concerns and goals
  • Lifestyle assessment (eating habits, stress-management, activity & exercise, sleep, etc.)
  • Food journal analysis

Assessment and evaluation tools: (used as needed) 

  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ): a 300+ question survey to thoroughly evaluate symptom burden and discover specific nutritional and/or functional weaknesses
  • Hands-on Functional Evaluation: a physical exam to discover nutrient imbalances/deficiencies and specific organ weaknesses (not available for distance clients)
  • Lingual-Neuro Testing (LNT): a biofeedback tool that uses the body's innate intelligence to determine which specific nutrient(s) can work to correct imbalances/deficiencies (not available for distance clients)

Personalized nutrition program that:

  • Adheres to short-term and long-term goals.
  • Outlines food-based solutions to help you reach your goals.
  • Provides a plan to address nutritional weaknesses and imbalances.
  • Offers a balanced and sustainable whole foods approach to nutrition (no crash diets or deprivation).
  • Addresses lifestyle factors that are affecting your health, including sleep, mindset, exercise, and stress.
  • Includes nutritional and herbal supplement recommendations.
  • You control! We work according to your needs and you set the pace.
  • Is built upon as we progress in your journey.
  • Additional resources as needed (tips, articles, recipes, books, websites, etc.)
  • Add-on services and testing as needed 
  • Ongoing personal support and coaching to celebrate your successes and troubleshoot your challenges
  • Personal communication
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Follow-Up Sessions

1hr | $100

*Available only to clients who have completed an initial consultation*

The purpose of the follow up appointments is to measure your progress.

Each and every time we touch base, you can expect to leave with a new goal and information to succeed!

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Monthly Nutritional Therapy

$30 monthly* | $99 monthly | $210 monthly | $430 monthly

*Available only to clients who have completed an initial consultation*

One, two, or four 45 minute in-person or online sessions per month

Unlimited access to text and email support (9am-5pm)

Continued nutritional education, modifications to your personalized protocol, progress tracking, and constant encouragement.

* The $30 monthly option does not include a 45 minute session*
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Refresh | 3 Visits

$400 ($50 off!)

1-2 months

1 Initial Evaluation & Consultation.

2 Follow Up Consultations

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Renew | 5 Visits

$575 ($75+ off!)

2-4 months

1 Initial Evaluation & Consultation.

4 Follow Up Consultations

Entry to RESTART Program (value $200)

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Restore | 8 Visits

$850 ($100+ off!)

6-9 months

1 Initial Evaluation & Consultation.

7 Follow Up Consultations

Entry to RESTART Program (value $200)

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